Ward Fleming

Vibrating This video was created to provide talking points while addressing an audience of sighted and unsighted folk who will be attending the opening of Fossil Art an exhibition at focusTerra, the geology museum at Zurich ETH, the Swiss technical institute. The pinscreen was commissioned specifically for the showing and is for use by the general public but more specifically is being displayed to give blind folks a tactile experience of fossil formation and the molding process. I’d personally not foreseen a didactic use for the pinscreen until this job came along, I have no idea how blind folk will react to it and don’t want to assume anything, perhaps they’re already familiar with the small toy versions which are widespread, with millions in circulation around the world. My hope is that anyone will enjoy it’s tactile quality and PLAY with it. Many thanks to Keiko Sono who shot and edited this beautiful piece, it’s a concise summation of many years of my work and thought.

Pinscreen from Keiko Sono on Vimeo.

Vibrating Pinscreen Portrait

Pinscreen Table

Pinscreen Panel

Atomic Model

clairFrieze Machine